Birchwood Bernese Mountain Dog

My Love for the Bernese Mountain Dog began with Two Special Berners. Chance and Calico. It was not long after I brought these Two home that they had me wrapped around their little paws! Hard to believe it has been 18 years since these wonderful dogs came into and changed my life forever.

The Berners have become the Love Of My Life. They are the most loving and devoted breed I have met. A true Loving and Loyal Companion.

They want to go where you go, and do what you do. Even when they are just babies they want to follow you around the yard. Sit at your feet when you watch TV. They are devoted to their owners.   

This Breed requires human companionship! 

My pups are placed only in the best possible homes. I spend time on the phone getting to know the perspective new family. My Berners are raised as if they were my kids. Maybe not, I wouldn't let my Human kids leave footprints across the floor, and lay in the door way - where it becomes my responsibility to step over them.

I have spent many hours researching the Bloodlines behind my Bernese Mountain Dogs. The Health, Longevity and Personality of the dogs in their past. I strive to produce Quality pups, that are great family pets, with the true Berner Personality. I breed with the goal to produce Healthy, Long Lived Berners.  

My pups are born and raised in the house and underfoot. They are socialized, loved and played with daily. Weather permitting they are moved to the Sun Porch at about 5 weeks where the have access to learn to potty outside. A big plus when the new owners take them home. That is the hardest part of having Berner babies - Letting Go! 

 Take a look around my site: Enjoy the Pictures! Call or E-mail if you have questions about my dogs or Bernese in general.  

 Birchwood Bernese